The Apple Watch

Let us create a way to use your phone without even having to take it out of your pocket: The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is not an iPhone on your wrist, but it does connect to your phone and allows you to communicate with your comrades by just talking to Siri or scribbling a message with your finger. This watch is the ultimate iPhone accessory. Apple Inc. uses a plethora of business and marketing techniques in order to build their brand better than all of their competitors in the various markets they occupy. Many of my friends tell me that the sole reason they bought an iPhone was to have iMessage. iMessage is a type of message that is only available between two or more iPhones and if one person does not have an iPhone, Apple made the decision to make the color of the text a very unpleasant bright green color. The Apple watch is also an exclusive Apple product that can only connect to an iPhone. “Overall, Canalys estimates that Apple sold 11.9 million watches in 2016, holding 49 percent of the market share for the year”(Kozub). For a digital watch to compete with Rolex, Omega, Tag Huer, etc, was unheard of in this industry. Apple has consumed almost half of the watch market in 2016 and in addition to being a watch, it improves the overall experience of your phone.

When Apple was designing and currently designing improvement models of this watch, the consumer can is able to tell that they completed the design thinking process (mentioned in an earlier blog) and asked their niche market what they would want in their watch for the future. The different models allow you to not only save your bank account from being completely drained, they also allow you to spend more than the average person to get a model with either gold or silver ranging from $170 all the way to $17,000.

When Apple entered the watch/phone accessory market, one of the reasons they succeeded so highly was because their product was different from anything the consumers have ever seen before.

The Apple watch created such a boom in this industry that so many other companies instantly began to produce and sell a spin-off of the Apple watch. Although there are many other watches in this market that are able to track your activity, Apple continues to be number one.

Another business tactic Apple used when designing the new Apple watch is how to make the watch more appealing to the consumer. A partnership with Nike would be an incredible way to get the athletes in the world more inclined to buy this product. If Nike partners with Apple and sells watches that incorporate activity progress, distance traveled, and calories burned throughout your workout or day, what serious runner would not consider purchasing one?

I myself have the Nike Apple Watch Series 2 42mm. When I workout, I have my earphones in, my phone away in my locker, and my watch on my wrist. Not only can I connect my earphones with my watch, I do not have to carry around my phone in the gym to get distracted and waste time while I am there. I would definitely recommend getting the Apple watch if you are looking for a versatile watch face that can be changed in a matter of seconds, you are an athlete and want to track your progress, you are a “techy” like myself, or  you want a stylish piece of technology on your wrist that can tell you your schedule, or be your stopwatch.This iPhone accessory enhances the accessibility of your phone and when your life is on your phone, why not make your life a little easier.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. Just having gotten an Apple Watch myself, I am definitely a big fan of this technology. Apple greatly benefits from keeping their products simple and easy to use, and Apple Watch is just that. It is interesting that despite the rather costly price, Apple has still found a way to intrigue customers, and thus get them to purchase their product. I can’t wait to see what is next for Apple.

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